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3ply face masks, FFP2, FFP3, KN95 masks are professional. We register an Medical license in March of 2020.

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Translate this pageUMask UMask China - Calendarul informaiilor i colaborrilor -- Starting Jan. 3, China has been regularly informing the WHO, relevant countries and regions and China's Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan about the pneumonia outbreak. Though N95 masks were in shortage, the supply would keep on increasing through expanded domestic production and increased international procurement.

La communauté de destin Chine-Afrique se consolide dans la

Translate this pageLa région du Grand Accra au Ghana a fait don de 10 000 masques N95 à Wuhan. Le gouvernement de la Côte dIvoire a également décidé de fournir un lot de matériel de protection médicale à la Chine. Les gens ordinaires en Afrique ont également exprimé leur sympathie et White Paper Fighting COVID-19:China in Action-Sci-Tech (5) February 24:The WHO-China Joint Mission on Covid-19 held a press conference in Beijing, during which team members agreed that China had achieved notable success in slowing the spread of the virus and blocking human-to-human transmission, at least delaying and possibly preventing hundreds of thousands of infections.

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Around 500 masks a day are coming off sewing machines at the Paratroop School in Murcia, in the countrys southeast, according to the Air Forces Twitter account. In Belgium, what began as a one-woman operation about a week ago grew to a small army of home-sewing mask-makers within days.